Solarium "MegaSun pureEnergy T200"
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12 UAN
Solarium "MegaSun pureEnergy T200" is a vertical premium solarium that will provide the best possible tan of your body. The solarium has the latest developments, such as: - EasyCare - a unique computer system for measuring the level of tanning of the body and calculating the time of the session of sunburn. - Mirror floor and ceiling - increase by 30% the return of the lamps, providing a stunningly even tanning throughout the length of the body - "revolutionary" cooling system of the client's body - Bodycool - a powerful body airflow system with four air supply channels on all sides - ACS - control the intensity of the blower depending on the temperature of the room, and with noise reduction - AquaCool - refreshing and animates the effect of fine-dispersed water fog (refreshing effect of the sea breeze), which enters the body through the nozzles located on the upper building - electronic power management of lamps - intense sunburning of the legs - make this solarium a true star! - powerful ExtraTan shoulder tan system with high pressure lamps plus 2 x 250 W The maximum number of minutes spent in a tanning bed should not exceed 10.