Beat the zone
Services of hairdressers. Spa Hair Care
Nutricia intensive recovery with collagen and elastin
210 UAN
The procedure for feeding hair "Lovien" with mineral oil
220 UAN
Kleral-Semi di lino hair restoration on the basis of flax
200 UAN
Kleral-Senjal hair restoration procedure based on fruit acids
180 UAN
Keratin-L'Oreal hair restoration procedure for hair dyeing
250 UAN
BY-Fami hair restoration color protection
200 UAN
Krelar-Orchid Hair Restoration Procedure with Orchid Oil
150 UAN
Vitamino-Color-L'Oreal hair restoration procedure
200 UAN
Hair Restoration Treatment "Keratin Beauty" Hair Shock Therapy
210 UAN
Services of manicure and pedicure
Correction of eyebrows
from 20 UAN
Eyebrow coloring
from 20 UAN
Chiropractic is a classic male
from 150 UAN
Pedicure with coated gel-lacquer
from 150 UAN
Pedicure classic female
from 100 UAN
Stones 1 pc.
from 1 UAN
Gel correction with cleansing
from 200 UAN
Gel correction
from 170 UAN
Gel Extension 1 Nail
from 25 UAN
Gel Extension "French Manicure"
from 350 UAN
Gel enlargement
from 300 UAN
Removing gel lacquer
from 30 UAN
Gel-lacquer coating
from 150 UAN
French Manicure Coverage
from 30 UAN
Cover with varnish
from 15 UAN
Manicure male
from 70 UAN
Manicure is female
від 50 UAN