Mezzo-PPC by the body
Mesotherapy of the body "F-XBC" fat burner, rejuvenation, skin lifting
1100 UAN
Mesotherapy of the body "PPC" fat burner and skin tightening
1050 UAN
Mesotherapy "F-Carlitin" Body Lightening and Skin Lifting
1050 UAN
"Ses-derma" Mesotherapy by the body
"Sesderma" lifting and elasticity
1200 UAN
Sesderma anti-cellulite cocktail
1150 UAN
"Ses-derma" Mesotherapy on the face
"Ses-derma Seskavel" against head loss hair
850 UAN
"Ses-derma BTSES" lifting and moisturizing of the skin
750 UAN
"Ses-derma Daeses" increased muscle tone
680 UAN
"Ses-derma Silorgses" wobbly. stretch marks prof
700 UAN
"Ses-derma Petises" photosensitivity and acne skin
850 UAN
"Ses-derma Placenses" deep skin rejuvenation
1100 UAN
"Ses-derma C-VIT" is a pathological change in the vessels on the skin
700 UAN
"Ses-derma placenta" area of the face
1000 UAN
"Ses-derma Dmae" facial area
850 UAN
Ses-derma hair loss treatment
800 UAN
"Ses-derma" acne treatment
880 UAN