Face Massage (Cosmetologist)
700 UAN
Express-rejuvenation without surgery, no prills, no pain. Injection carboxytherapy for the face is the transport of active components in high concentration and molecular carbon dioxide deep into the layers of the epidermis and soft tissues.
Non-injectable procedure "CO2. Carboxytherapy of the face" 655 UAH
Non-injectable procedure "CO2. Carboxytherapy of face" in monodose + microtubes 700 UAH
Massage lifting "Ses-Derma-Daeses" face
500 UAN
Massage exclusive "Empress" face
480 UAN
Massage "Cryo-Azot" head area
200 UAN
Massage "Cryo-Azot" face
300 UAN
Massage lifting "Dibi-Crio" and facial moisturizing
600 UAN
Massage lymph nodes "Morgana-shiny" face
450 UAN
Massage energy "Anna-Lotan" (face, neck, neckline)
400 UAN
Massage vacuum "Morgana-shine" face
450 UAN